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Kingsman: The Secret Service (2015)

Title:                                 Kingsman: The Secret
                                          Service (15)
Release Date (UK):          29th January 2015
Director:                           Matthew Vaughn 
Starring:                           Colin Firth, Taron 
                                          Egerton, Michael Caine
Duration time:                  129 minutes

Gary "Eggsy" Urwin (Taron Egerton) hasn't had the best upbringing. He lives on a rundown council estate with his mother, her abusive boyfriend and his younger sister. After a bad decision results in him being jailed, he is offered the opportunity by Harry Hart (Colin Firth) to change his life around and to train as a replacement agent for recently murdered agent Lancelot. 

My Review
This has been, hands down, the best film I have seen in a long time. Such a fantastic watch, and such a fantastic debut for Taron Egerton.

Now - any film starring Colin Firth is a must see for me and I can wholeheartedly say that he did not disappoint in this film. He was brilliant, as was everything else about this movie. Taron Egerton did a fantastic job in the role of Eggsy and I loved his portrayal of a character who hasn't had the best upbringing but also won't let that affect who he is as a person. I absolutely loved the mentor/student chemistry that Egerton and Firth displayed and I also loved the chemistry between villain Richmond Valentine (Samuel L Jackson) and his assistant Gazelle (Sofia Boutella). 

I absolutely love spy films as I find them totally mind-blowing and this was no different. I thought the plot and the characters were very unpredictable and I loved the comedy aspects of this film - I found myself hysterically laughing every few minutes (also loved the reference to the students of St Andrews, haha!). 

I think what made this film different to any other was the diversity. Sophie Cookson plays the part of Roxy, the lucky candidate who ends up replacing Lancelot after competing in the final two against Eggsy. Kingsman has never had a successful female candidate and although she does come from a traditional background unlike Eggsy, I think it's great that there was some female power even though there weren't many female characters. I also liked the message behind this film that was that you shouldn't let your background or your upbringing determine who you are as a person, just like Eggsy didn't. 

The only thing I didn't like about this film was the violence as I don't do violence but this is probably just a personal thing and violence was to be expected with the rating and genre of the film.

Overall, I'd rate this film a 4.5/5.

Chloe x

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