Thursday, 15 January 2015

New Year, (literally) New Me

Hey guys! I hope you had a fantastic Christmas and New Year. It's been a while (nearly a year actually) and it was only recently that I decided that I no longer wanted to continue my beauty and fashion blog. It's not really who I am, nor do I have as big an interest in it as some others. I really didn't want my blog to go to waste so I thought, what could I do with my blog? So, I've decided to turn my blog into something I will enjoy and something I will get a kick out of doing - and that's where my idea for turning my blog into a place where I can ramble endlessly about films and books, something I really do have a passion for. I have deleted all my previous posts and am starting afresh. Here you can view film reviews, book reviews, and hauls and I really hope you do enjoy! Feel free to unfollow as I know this isn't what you signed up for, but it's something that will make me happy. Here's to a great 2015!

P.S. you can still follow me on Twitter: @haitherechloex and my buttons for all other social media sites are at the side of my blog!

Chloe x

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